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Basic Cable

Save Money with BUNDLES!   Basic Cable Prices Rates Effective Feb. 1, 2019Family BasicBest of Basic (Includes Family Basic) Avant$33.95$84.95 Barnsdall$33.95$84.95 Collinsville$33.95$84.95 Skiatook$33.95$84.95 Sperry$33.95$84.95 Hominy$33.95$84.95 Oilton$33.95$84.95 Yale$33.95$84.95 Additional Fees Connect: $29.95 Reconnect: $20.00 Upgrade/Change Services: $10.00 Install Additional Outlet: $29.95 & $15.00 for each additional $15.00 for additional outlet that is NOT wired $ 5.00 for each outlet that…
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