• Family Binge Bundle

    FAMILY BINGE BUNDLE - $64.95 See It, Believe It, Binge It! Includes: Family Basic plus Premium Internet with Unlimited Usage As…

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  • Triple Play Bundle

    TRIPLE PLAY BUNDLE -  $124.95  Includes: Family Basic (Over 45 Channels) Best of Basic (Over 95 Channels) Free Local HD Programming…

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  • DVR Bundle

    DVR BUNDLE -  $124.95  Includes: Family Basic (Over 45 Channels) Best of Basic (Over 135 Channels) Digital Variety (Over 235…

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  • Digital Cable

    Digital Cable

    Save Money with BUNDLES!   Digital Cable Prices DIGITAL VARIETY: Over 50 Additional Channels Premium Multiplexes: 53 Channels HBO: 10 Channels Cinemax: 6…

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  • Basic Cable

    Basic Cable

    Save Money with BUNDLES!   Basic Cable Prices Additional Fees Connect: $29.95 Reconnect: $20.00 Upgrade/Change Services: $10.00 Install Additional Outlet: $29.95 & $15.00…

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